Request a House Check

The Ottawa Hills Police Department provides a free vacation watch program for our residents. While on vacation watch, an officer will periodically check the exterior of your home, usually on a multi-shift basis. If an incident is discovered, the police department will contact the keyholder and/or emergency contact provided. Also, the police department maintains a key box at the police station for residents who wish to leave a key with us. These keys have been valuable when a resident has locked themselves out, during medical emergencies, when responding to smoke alarms, and when officers have discovered utility issues, such as broken water lines, at the residence.

Please note that requests may only be made by the homeowner, the service is only available for unoccupied homes located in Ottawa Hills, and the police department cannot make a guarantee your residence will not be victimized. If you return home prior to the date provided, please call the police department at 419-531-4211.