MetCon - Conditioning and Strength Interval Workout

Mondays, Jan 13 - Mar 16 (No class on Jan 20 or Feb 17) *First 2 classes are FREE)

Life throws us different kinds of challenges, this class will prepare you for all of them.  Be ready to test your conditioning (and strength) in this cross-training/HITT interval based class.  This class will incorporate the best multiple modalities, allowing for unlimited variety and creativity.  All fitness levels are welcome!

“MetCon” is a term used for metabolic conditioning and is a workout involving repeated and/or sustained high-intensity exercises, usually involving weight lifting movements, with short rest periods in order to burn fat or create a “conditioning” effect.

This class will be held in the *NEW* Kadens Family Fitness Center.  To introduce you to this new class and the center, the first 2 classes on Jan 13 and 27 will be free.  Come try it out!

No class on Jan 20 or Feb 17

Instructor: Michael Yuschak, OH Sports Performance Coach
Location: Kadens Family Fitness Center


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