Village Administrator John Wenzlick
Phone #: 419.536.1111
Fax number: 419.535.3550


The Village of Ottawa Hills has  a zoning ordinance which provides regulations for building and improvements in the Village.  The Village Administrator is the first resource when considering construction projects in Ottawa Hills.  He will be happy to review zoning regulations and requirements related to your project.  The Administrator frequently meets with residents at their homes to discuss these types of projects.

Zoning permits are required and issued by the Village of Ottawa Hills, at no cost, for projects including the following:

  • New homes, or additions to homes
  • Accessory structures, such as detached garages or storage sheds
  • Swimming pools
  • Fences
  • Installation of any new “impervious surface”, such as a driveway or tennis court
  • Installation of a new roof
  • Installing of new heating/air-conditioning or plumbing work
  • Signs

Should you have any questions whether or not a project requires a zoning permit, please call the Village Administrator’s office at 419.536.1111.  There is no fee for the zoning permit and many permits can be issued while-you-wait.  To receive a permit,  contractors must be registered and in compliance with the Income Tax office.  Permits involving new homes, accessory structures, garages, additions to homes or swimming pools are more complex and need a plot plan and drainage analysis.  

Building permits are issued by Lucas County (419.213.2990).

Residents proposing projects that are not in compliance with the zoning ordinance have the option of applying for a variance from the Zoning Commission.  The process to apply for a variance involves writing a letter and supplying drawings and other documents related to the project.  This information will be forwarded to neighbors in a 200-foot radius of the project, who will be invited to provide comments or attend the zoning meeting.  The Zoning Commission holds public meetings on an as-needed basis.

Zoning Commission

Current Members: Mayor Kevin Gilmore, Councilwoman Kate O'Connell, Paul Bishop, Todd Seifried, Patricia Koury.

Welcome to the Village! New residents can call 419-536-1111 for Village information. For information on Village Life activities, call 419-537-9852.