For many families, the reputation of the Ottawa Hills school system is what attracted them to the Village. It’s no secret that the quality of Ottawa Hills schools is a direct result of a community-wide commitment to excellence in education. In the most recently released evaluations by the State of Ohio, Ottawa Hills was the only district in Ohio with A's in each category reviewed.  In 2020 Newsweek ranked Ottawa Hills Schools #1 in the State of Ohio! Click here for more information.

Students are encouraged, motivated, and challenged to apply themselves both at home and in class. Students can get a high level of individual attention due to the small student to teacher ratio of 14:1. The village is fortunate to have many talented professionals in both school administrative and teaching positions.

Find out more at Although there are many fine private and parochial schools in the area, most residents choose to send their children to the Ottawa Hills schools. The high level of student performance compares favorably with any school in Ohio and therefore most residents are not paying thousands of dollars in tuition to a private school.

Welcome to the Village! New residents can call 419-536-1111 for Village information. For information on Village Life activities, call 419-537-9852.