Refuse, Recycling & Streets

Foreman David Tatkowski
Phone Number: 419.536.1111

The Ottawa Hills Service Department is led by Foreman Dave Tatkowski. The average tenure of the department is over 20 years. Many Service Department crew members are known by the residents by name. They go above and beyond to meet the needs of residents.

The Service Department performs a wide variety of jobs for the Village. Our employees collect both trash and recycling at the rear of the house each week. This style of trash pickup is unique in the area - it is easy for residents and it maintains the attractiveness of the community. The department has responsibility for road and storm sewer maintenance, island and flood plain upkeep, and the street light system. The Village has the best snow and ice removal program in the area due to the hard work of this crew. (Sorry kids, the schools rarely close.) Curb pickup of leaves in the fall and collection of limbs due to storm damage is also handled by the Service Department.

NORMAL REFUSE COLLECTION - Normal refuse collection occurs on Monday and Tuesday and recycling occurs on Thursday and Friday. We ask that any trash receptacles be no larger than 30 gallons and that on a regular week you put out no more than two cans and three extra bags. (Exceptions are always made for move-ins, holidays, special occasions, etc)

HOLIDAYS - When a holiday occurs on Monday, our refuse pickup occurs on Tuesday and Wednesday. Recycling occurs on the normal days.
When a holiday occurs on Tuesday, refuse pickup normally scheduled for Tuesday will occur on Wednesday. Every other day remains unchanged.
When a holiday occurs on Thursday, the recycling pickup normally scheduled for Thursday will occur on Wednesday. Every other day remains unchanged.
When a holiday occurs on Friday recycling pick up occurs Wednesday and Thursday. Refuse is collected on the normal days during the week.

The following Holidays are observed:
New Year's Day*, Independence Day*, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Labor Day, Presidents Day, Thanksgiving Day, Memorial Day, Christmas Day*                         *if it falls on a weekend it will be observed on the following Monday. 

We are here to provide services to our residents. If your trash is missed, if you need a special pickup, if your street light is out, or you have any other concerns, please contact the Village offices at 419.536.1111.

KEEP TOLEDO/LUCAS COUNTY BEAUTIFUL has a list of resources for disposal/recycling of hazardous materials and other items.  You can also call them at 419-213-2255.

Box Pickup

On Wednesdays the Service Dept. will pick up large cardboard boxes at your home. These boxes do not need to be broken down. This service is particularly helpful when new residents move in, but is available to all residents year round. To schedule a Box Pickup, call 419.536.1111

Paint & Hazardous Materials
We are prohibited from picking up paint, gas, oil or household hazardous waste products. This includes certain swimming pool chemicals, as well as toxic cleaning products like muratic acid. Note that Latex Paint can be dried out and disposed of in the regular trash - you can use kitty litter to help dry out the paint, pour it out on newspapers to dry, or just leave the lid off if there is not a lot of paint in the can.  If you want to dispose of any of the hazardous products, please click on the link above for Keep Toledo/Lucas County Beautiful for information on proper ecologically-sound disposal procedures.

Large Item Trash Pickup
The Village cannot collect large bulk items during the regular trash pickup. From April through fall the Village contracts with a refuse service to collect large trash items from our residents. In the Spring we will post a link below for details and instruction on signing up for this program.

Leaf Pickup
The Village collects leaves at the curb each fall. Generally collection begins in October and ends in early December, depending on the weather. Leaves need to be raked to the curb and should be free of large branches and other debris that will disable our leaf machines. 

Yard Waste Pickup
Yard waste cannot be picked up by the Village refuse crews due to landfill restrictions. Residents can subscribe to a weekly pickup of yard waste through a subcontractor of the Village. Residents sign up at the Village offices or by mail and the Village contracts to have yard waste picked up weekly from April through October. Watch for a flyer in the mail and a link on this website in the Spring for more information about the program.

Yard Waste Disposal
Clean Wood Recycling - 6505 W. Bancroft  Acceptable Materials:  Leaves, Grass Clippings, Branches (less than 6 feet in length), Shrubbery, Wood Chips,Tree Trunks (less than 10″ in dia.).  Call 419-843-9663 for hours, fees, etc.

Trees & Tree Limbs
The Village is responsible for the “street trees” that line the roads of Ottawa Hills. These trees contribute to the unique beauty of the community. The Village has a five-year tree trimming schedule contract that assures that the trees are maintained. Occasionally due to storm damage or disease, the street trees need additional care. Feel free to contact the Village if you have concerns about Village trees.

The Service Crew will pick up tree limbs that have come down only when there is a significant storm. These limbs need to be brought to the curb and will be picked up as soon as possible. We do not pick up limbs or other yard waste from routine trimming and clean up. This yard waste should be taken to the composting facility described above.

Christmas Trees
The Village will pick up Christmas trees following the holiday. Trees should be placed at the curb as soon as possible, with decorations, plastic bags, removed. The trees will be chipped.

Snow Removal
The Village works hard to make sure our roads are the best maintained in the region. You can help by keeping vehicles off the road when salting and plowing is likely to occur. Also, contractors need to be reminded not to leave snow from driveways on the road. The snow can freeze on the roadway causing safety issues.

Sometimes Village plows do damage to lawns, sprinkler heads, etc. Please contact the Village regarding any damage caused by our crews.

Welcome to the Village! New residents can call 419-536-1111 for Village information. For information on Village Life activities, call 419-537-9852.