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ALERT:  We have extended the deadline for filing and payments to July 15, 2020, and suspended in-person tax assistance  for the health and safety of our residents and employees.  Click Here for more information

Tax Commissioner Don King
Assistant Tax Commissioner David Risley
Tax Administrator Diane Haas  Email
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2019 Return Filing Date:  July 15, 2020 

2020 Interest Rate on Late Paid Tax: 7% 

2019 Interest Rate on Late Paid Tax: 7%   

2018 Interest Rate on Late Paid Tax: 6%

2017 Interest Rate on Late Paid Tax: 6%

2016 Interest Rate on Late Paid Tax: 5%

ORC 718 State Law

Street Listing for Ottawa Hills

Tax Commissioner Don King and Assistant Tax Commissioner David Risley provide oversight for the Income Tax office. They are appointed to their part time positions and receive an annual stipend of $120.

Tax Administrator Diane Haas, CPA. manages the day-to-day operations of the income tax office. Diane has been with the Village over 20 years.

The Village of Ottawa Hills has a 1.5% municipal income tax on income earned in the Village or earned by Village residents. Village residents who pay income taxes to another community receive partial credit (50% of the lower rate) for those taxes paid. Most residents work outside the Village and pay .75% income tax to the Village. Income tax is the largest source of revenue to fund Village services, such as police, fire and refuse pickup.

The Tax Department is happy to assist residents in completing tax forms and to answer any questions you may have. Please call or stop by for assistance.

Non-Resident Refund Filing Changes with Toledo

For residents filing with Toledo for refund of Toledo tax withheld on work days spent outside of the city, copies of the Toledo form will be necessary.  Below is a link to the Toledo website for forms and instructions.  The Ottawa Hills tax office will also have these forms available, as well as assistance in completing them.  A copy of your Federal 1040 income tax return is a required attachment for all city returns and must be enclosed for both the Village return and Toledo refund claims.  We still require the original NRR forms to be included with your Village return and we will submit directly to Toledo (and other cities as well).  Keep in mind that requesting refund on days out of town but in another Ohio city could trigger filing and paying tax to that other city.  If all days out of town are out of state, out of the country or in an Ohio township, no other work city tax will be due.

Link to Toledo Tax Forms

Electronic Payments for Taxes & Fees
As part of our commitment to provide citizens with efficient, convenient service, the Village of Ottawa Hills has partnered with Official Payments Corp. to offer payment of taxes and fees online (a convenience fee is charged for payment processing). Offical Payments accepts all major credit and debit cards.  Click the link to make an online payment Call our offices if you have a question.

Withholding Forms are available to the left..  If you do not have a withholding account number with the Village, complete the Business Questionnaire and send it with your first withholding.  Call our office at 419-536-6502 with questions.

Income Tax Updates - 3/23/2020

Business Income Tax Questionaire

Other Income Tax Information

Tax Ordinance 2007-16

An amendment to the Income Tax ordinance was adopted in Ordinance 2010-9 (see below).  This amendment relates to collection of delinquent income tax.

Ord 2010-9 Tax Ordinance Amendment

Resident Registration Form

Frequently Asked Questions - Income Tax

Privacy & Account Numbers

The Income Tax office places the highest priority on the confidentiality of taxpayer records. Our office uses Account Numbers (5 numbers-letter; #####-R) for each taxpayer to track records and transactions. To improve the privacy for items sent through the mail, taxpayers can use their Account Number on documents sent to the office instead of their social security number. Your account number appears on preprinted documents from the Income Tax office. Please call our office if you need you account number.

Lucas County Property Tax Questions? Call 419-213-4305
Property taxes for Village residents are collected by Lucas County. For questions related to property tax, please call 419-213-4305.

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