Home & Business Security

The Ottawa Hills Police Department encourages cooperation with the community to prevent criminal activity.  We are fortunate to have the resources of Officer Dana Mullins who has been certified by the Ohio Crime Prevention Assocation as a Crime Prevention Specialist.

Many times, relatively simple steps can deter criminals from targeting your home.  Below are a just a few of the many steps that can be taken to reduce your risk of becoming a vicitim.  For a more complete assment of your home, please contact Officer Dana Mullins at 419-531-4211 or mullinsd@ottawahills.org.

  • Lock doors and windows and turn on alarm systems when not at home, as well as during the night.

  • Keep shrubbery, trees, and other foliage away from windows and doors. They provide excellent coverage for a burglar to work without risk of detection.

  • Maintain lighting during the night to prevent areas in which criminals could easily hide.  The amount of lighting needed depends on the size and characteristics of the area being lit, but should be bright enough for someone to see 100 feet.


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