Emergency Medical & Fire Services

Emergency Phone Number 911
Non-Emergency Phone Number 419.936.3507
Website Toledo Fire & Rescue

Emergency medical and fire services in the Village of Ottawa Hills are provided by the Toledo Fire & Rescue Department.  The Toledo Fire & Rescue Department has personnel and equipment stationed in the Ottawa Hills municipal building located on Richards Rd.  They respond to calls for service in Ottawa Hills and in the surrounding areas from our station.  Additionally, if an extraordinary event occurs in Ottawa Hills the resources of the entire Toledo Fire & Rescue Department are available.

The Toledo Fire & Rescue Department is one of six accredited fire departments in the state of Ohio and one of 134 accredited departments across the United States.

This collaboration with the City of Toledo, which began in 2011, has resulted in substantial savings for our citizens while maintaining an excellent level of service.

Welcome to the Village! New residents can call 419-536-1111 for Village information. For information on Village Life activities, call 419-537-9852.