Frequently Requested Legislation

Link to Ottawa Hills Code of Ordinances

Local Amendments to the Ohio Basic Code

Property Maintenance Ord. 2006-1

Tall Grass Ord. 92-12 & 99-10

Sign Ordinance 96-20 & Sign Permit

Police Department 419-531-4211

We’re going on vacation. Can I get my house checked?
Absolutely. You can sign up for a house check by clicking here, or you are welcome to call us and let us know when you’ll be gone and call us again when you return. This is one of our most popular services. Last year OHPD performed over 9,000 house checks for residents.

Do we need to get our bicycles licensed in the Village?

The Village offers registration for bicycles at no charge. Simply stop in with all the information on your bike and we will provide an adhesive sticker for easy identification. Registeration is helpful for tracking down and identifying missing bikes.

My neighbor has a green house number sign. Where can I get one?
OHPD produces these signs for residents at a cost of $25 per sign. Please call for additional information or to place an order.

Refuse, Leaf Pickup, Tree Limbs 419-536-1111

Is it okay to put trash in heavy duty plastic bags instead of trash cans?
While most residents use trash cans, we actually prefer plastic bags since they are much easier to deal with on pickup day. The only caveat is that they should NOT be put out until pick up morning, since certain nocturnal animals love to search for food and can rip through plastic fairly easily.

Where should I place refuse for pickup?
One of the attractive feature of the Village is that you do not have to take your refuse to the curb. Select a convenient location near your back door or garage that is easily accessible by our crew. If you have special needs, please give us call and we’ll be happy to accommodate you.

I’ve heard that yard waste cannot be picked up with my refuse. What should I do with it?
Yard waste can be dropped off at Clean Wood Recycling located at 6505 W. Bancroft for a small fee. Residents can also subscribe through the Village to have a private contractor collect yard waste at the curb each week from April through October.  Click here to see details on the yard waste pick up program.

Where should I place my raked leaves?
In the fall the Village collects leaves at the curb. Leaves should be raked into piles at the curb. Please make sure there are no tree limbs or other materials in the leaf piles as these will damage equipment and greatly slow the pick up. A leaf collection schedule will be posted on this site in the fall.

The storm knocked down some tree limbs. What should I do?
When there is a major storm, the Village will pick up limbs at the curb.  It may be a few days before the limbs are collected.  Feel free to contact the Village to see if we're collecting limbs, or to let us know if a limb has fallen from a Village street tree. We do not pick up limbs or other yard waste from routine trimming. You can use Clean Wood Recycling, 6504 W. Bancroft, or private contractors for disposal of these materials.

The street light is out. Who should I call?
Just give us a call at the main Village office and we’ll be out to replace the light.

Property Improvements/Zoning 419-536-1111

What is the Zoning Permit process?
Zoning permits are required for most improvements and are issued by the Village Manager at no charge, often while-you-wait. Zoning forms can be downloaded from this website. Call the Village Manager to discuss projects and any additional requirements. If the project requires a building permit, it will be issued by Lucas County, 419.213.2990. Following is a list of projects requiring a zoning permit:

  • New homes, or additions to homes
  • Accessory structures, such as detached garages or storage sheds
  • Swimming pools
  • Fences
  • Installation of any new impervious surface, such as a driveway or tennis court
  • Installation of a new roof
  • Installation of new heating/air-conditioning or plumbing work
  • Signs

We want to add a fence on our property. What’s the procedure?
Installation of a fence in the Village requires a zoning permit from the Village. Many contractors are already familiar with our requirements and will complete the paperwork for residents. The maximum height for fences is 48 inches. There are also location requirements, which are detailed in the Zoning Ordinance. See the Zoning page to review the Zoning Ordinance or to download a zoning form.

What is a zoning variance and what is the procedure to obtain one?
A zoning variance can be requested for a project that falls outside the specifications in the zoning code. Requests for variances are reviewed by the Zoning Commission. The Zoning Commission meets on an as needed basis, generally once a month. To request a variance, the resident needs to supply a letter describing the project with drawings, plans, etc. Information about the requested variance and the date of the zoning meeting will be sent to residents in the area.

Income Taxes 419-536-6502

Is there someone to help us with our income taxes?
The Village tax office will be happy to complete your Village tax return for you or answer any questions you may have. Feel free to stop in, or call the Tax Office at 419.536.6502.

Where can I get Tax Forms?
These forms are downloadable on the Income Tax page and are also available at the tax office on the second floor of the municipal building.  Or, call the number above and we will mail or email forms to you.

Council Meetings 419-536-1111

Can anyone attend meetings of Village Council?
All Village Council and committee meetings are open to the public. Council meetings are usually held the first or second Monday of every month at 7:30 pm. See the calendar on the website for a schedule of meetings.

Can I get copies of council minutes and legislation?
All minutes and legislation are available at the administration building. Additionally, minutes and legislation from recent meetings of Village Council are available here.

Welcome to the Village! New residents can call 419-536-1111 for Village information. For information on Village Life activities, call 419-537-9852.