Posted on November 11, 2019

Leaf collection is underway in the Village, but has been delayed by the snow.  Pick up is resumine as conditions allow.

The Village picks up leaves only that are raked to the curb. As the pick up gets heavier, we are working nights and weekends to get the Village leaves picked up. We expect to be in front of every home at least once every two weeks.  We no longer follow a set schedule but position our crews to pick up leaves most efficiently.  Remember that limbs and other yard waste cannot be put in leaf piles.  This will break equipment, put our staff in danger and delay leaf collection.  Please try to be mindful of pedestrian and vehicle safety when raking and placing leaves for pick up.

Welcome to the Village! New residents can call 419-536-1111 for Village information. For information on Village Life activities, call 419-537-9852.