Utility Aggregation Programs

Posted on August 22, 2013

The Village is a member of the Northwest Ohio Aggregation Coalition (NOAC).  Through the affiliation we participate in both gas and electric aggregation programs.  Village residents are automatically part of the program, unless you take steps to "opt out".  Recently you may have received a post card indicating that your gas service is being changed from Columbia Gas to Volunteer Energy.  This is a result of the aggregation program and should save our residents a little bit of money on their natural gas service.  To continue under the aggregation plan, simply do nothing. The program is an "opt out" program, which means residents are automatically enrolled unless you choose to "opt out".  On the electric side, the group program is currently with First Energy Solutions.  Of course, you are free to purchase gas or electricity from whatever vendor you choose, but the Village believes that the aggregation program is in the best interest of our residents because they study the market and contract for a large group of communities. 

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